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Come and enjoy our edible art here at Kisso Sushi Bar in the heart of Old City, Philadelphia. Kisso’s menu reflects the eclectic upbringing and taste of its chef and owner, Alex Park..

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Our Story

Kisso Sushi Bar is a BYOB restaurant.

To be frank, we are the best in the sushi business. Kisso first opened in September 1997 and is chef/owner operated. One can feel a personal relationship with the chef through each of the carefully crafted delicacies painted on his/her plate. We use the best and freshest ingredients possible to genuinely express the belief we have in our hearts which is that one should be able to enjoy creativity and delight on their palate. We hope to provide one an intimate and unique dining experience one may rarely experience.

Alex Park

Most Popular

Take a look at some of our popular dishes and don't forget to check out menu for more items.

Chef's Special Dup Bap
Baby Octupus
Dynamite Roll
Dragon Maki
Seaweed Salad

What our guests say

"I have been eating sushi for 40 years... since there was 1 by the UN for Japanese clientele. I am very picky about raw sushi and Kisso has the best I have found in Philadelphia since moving from NY. I have found them to be very accommodating and they only serve the best and freshest products. The sushi is cut beautifully which is important also. I love this place for serving something simply perfect."

Marcia B.

"My second time back was like deja vu. Everything was so good the first time we ordered the same exact thing (sashimi and sushi platter and half/half maki). My girlfriend and I shared a house salad to start as well, which was very refreshing. As a special tonight they had fresh ground wasabi, which I HAD to give a try as I love wasabi. I am an ice cream fanatic, and one thing I missed on their menu the first time was the mochi. They have strawberry, green tea, red bean, and chocolate flavors. I recommend the chocolate and green tea as you finish your bottle of wine!."

Evan H.

"Hands down lovely and original. I don’t recall what we ordered, except to say, every roll was amazing. We were there with a vegan, and we had wonderful options. They know what they’re doing — they’ve been there for 22 years. I’d recommend Kisso."